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We are still believe in traditional trading methods. Our aim to have offline transaction is to keep your money and time safe. You only need to fill the form with all details and just click on send button. One of the executive will call you ASAP and discuss about our wide range of product.

We come up with many other option to your home, office or place you wish to meet us and ask you to select dress, check the dress and you feel to buy than Yes Buy it.

This is very unique concept which only Sanvi Fabrics has.

Our aim to not sell worst product with good improvised image in online. Sanvi Fabrics never do cheat. We just need your time to selection only. Your boutiques is on your desire place.


Hope you like the unique concept of selling. So, why to wait just fill the form and call us with all options. Don’t forgot to add numbers and email address.

Thank you,

Sanvi Fabrics


4 thoughts on “Buy Dress Material Online

    1. Hello Leena Thakur,

      Thanks Leena for your valuable comment.

      You can buy direct for our website too.

      Thank you,

      Yashwant Naik

  1. I am looking for chikankari work on white color fabric. I want material to stitch a salwar for my engagement. So i would like to know what other options other than cotton I can get this work on.
    i am only looking at pastel shades like cream, biscuit color, off-white

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